Abelha Cachaca

Abelha Cachaca recently stuck their head above the parapet to contribute to this month's Mixology Monday, making them (possibly) the first brand to take part. Aside from the cool bottles, Abelha seem really passionate about making sure their product is organic and sustainable, as well as making sure their workers and contractors in Brazil get paid appropriately. Abelha is an alembique cachaca which means it's majority 100% pot-distilled*, and it's seemingly only available in London which means I can't tell what it tastes like.

Y'know, if there are any samples lying around the office...

Update: Anthony from Abelha's been in touch:

For Abelha Cachaça, both the Silver (rested) and Gold (aged 3 years) are *only* distilled in these traditional copper alembiques in small batches.

I do not know of any cachaças that are a blend between an alembique and industrial cachaça, but there well may be some. The manufacturer would probably not shout about such a thing.

Posted on December 17, 2008 and filed under Links.