If there's lessons to be learned

A while back, the massed ranks of bartending glitterati at the Barbore Speakeasy had a discussion about mistakes made while working. I'd include a direct link, but they've just updated their software and I can't find it. That and I didn't really look for one. You'd have found out the truth sooner or later. Anyway, one poster mentioned that while running a bar at an MTV Awards show in Australia, one of his charges had prepped up a bunch of mojitos with coriander instead of mint. He goes on to explain that a spot of crushed ice and an apple juice float saved the day.

Just to be contrary, I'm not sure I'd class that as a mistake. It's a great save, for sure - it could've gone so very, very wrong but it didn't. Let's put that one under in the pile marked Opportunity - right after Jennings Cox running out of gin. If bartenders didn't make mistakes and create workarounds to overcome them, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun working in bars.

Posted on May 21, 2008 and filed under Thoughts.