Here's one I made earlier

A couple of weeks ago, I put a plan into motion. A plan so momentous it would spell the end of civilisation as we know it. Of course, by "civilisation as we know it", I mean three grapefruits and a bottle of vodka. The plan was best described as basic: Strip the peel off the grapefruits? Check. Soak in 40% ABV vodka (I used Finlandia) for two weeks? Check. Shake every couple of days? Check. Strain out the grapefruit peel? Check. Add simple syrup to make up a third of the total volume? Check. Leave in the fridge for a week to marry? Big ol' check.

So, three weeks after the start of this groundbreaking project, I humbly present ednbrg's Finest Grapefrucello! It's got a lovely translucent golden honey colour to it, with a smooth, syrupy mouthfeel. On the tongue, it's fairly uncomplicated - it tastes of grapefruit and that's about it - which is to be expected, I guess. Being a first attempt there are a couple of things I'm unhappy with. For one, there's a bit of a burn from the alcohol coming through when the liqueur warms up, and the flavour doesn't seems to finish rather more quickly than I'd anticipated (though that could be a thing that happens with grapefruit?). But, as my maiden voyage into the world of home-made liqueurs and syrups, I'm pretty damn happy with it.

Coincidentally, I'm heading into work to do some cocktail training so hopefully I'll have a couple of recipes to share later on.

Posted on October 2, 2008 and filed under Projects.