Outbound: halfway out of the dark

I can't quite recall who it was now—maybe Linford Christie?—but a couple of years back some athlete, having found himself in hard times, recounted his terrible tale of woe and explained that his burdens had become so difficult to bear that he was drinking a bottle of wine a day. The revelation was supposed to illustrate just how far the fellow had fallen, but all I could think was, a bottle of wine a day? I have a bottle of wine with dinner. - Alex Balk

One in ten Britons drinks every day, via The Awl. // Seasonal advice from Apocalypstick - how to avoid getting too drunk; how to tell if you're drunk. // Purl's Tristan Stephenson on raising the bar, and theatre and multi-sensory perception. // Ron Jeremy has a rum, via Liqurious. // Five shocking facts about what drinking does to your body. // Via MeFi: from the minds who brought you the MacNugget-tini; Club BACARDI (c. 1996)

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