The Handmade Studio

Press release for immediate publication. Edinburgh, UK

The Old Town Alchemy Company is proud to announce its an innovation in the field of cocktail blogging: the Handmade Studio. Hours in the making, the Handmade Studio is the latest addition to the Company's arsenal of blogging equipment. Company founder Jon Hughes said "the Handmade Studio is at the forefront of what we're trying to do at Old Town Alchemy. We feel that in time, the Handmade Studio will become as important to the Company as a keyboard and the fully stocked back-bar at my day-job."

The Handmade Studio was constructed by Old Town Alchemy's Technical Works department, using high quality bespoke products. Company founder Jon Hughes paid tribute to their work, saying "those old Playstation boxes don't cut themselves up. I think we've outdone ourselves with our use of black card and duct tape." The Old Town Alchemy Company will use the Handmade Studio to illustrate future posts on its internationally unreknowned blog and to take menacing, underexposed pictures of bottles of cachaca.

Posted on September 18, 2009 and filed under Photos.