Thirty Three: The Unnamed One

Every once in a while, you manage to skip something elementary. Like when you leave the house without your keys or send that really important work email without the attachment, or when you submit an entry to a major international cocktail competition without giving it a name. I've not done that at all right.

The Unnamed One

50ml 42 Below Manuka Honey
15ml New Zealand (Marlborough, ideally) Sauvignon Blanc
15ml pressed apple juice
1 dash absinthe, in an atomizer

Using a lighter, flame a coating of absinthe in a coupette or martini glass. Shake the remaining three ingredients with ice and fine-strain into the absinthe coated glass. Garnish with an apple slice on the rim. If you've got any absinthe left, give that flame too.

Posted on August 15, 2009 and filed under Fiftytwo, Mixology, Projects, Recipes.