Workshop, pt. 2: the rules

In any competition, there are rules, and the Legacy competition is no different. Some of them are obvious:

4. Bacardi Superior Rum must be the dominant spirit ingredient.

5. All cocktails should contain no other competitor rum brand.

These aren't at all surprising - after all, the competition is to provide a drink for the Bacardi Legacy book. There's also a number of rules relating to the format of the comp and things like the copyright of the drink (any entered drinks essentially become part of Bacardi's IP, with accreditation "wherever possible") which are pretty standard too. There are two rules that stand out; they're the ones which are going make my life a lot harder.

7. All cocktails should use commonly available ingredients.

This isn't unexpected but it is annoying, mainly because there's no guidance given on what constitutes "commonly available". I always take it to mean if a bar can't get an ingredient from a supplier, they should be able to get it from a shop, which means no interesting fruits that are only available in one store, in one town.

8. Cocktails with house specific ingredients will not be eligible unless these are easily made and a full recipe is included.

Well, that's helpful. The phrase "easily made" is so ambiguous as to be entirely useless. One of the cocktails (Ben Carlotto's The Lady Wears Red) in the first edition of the Legacy book contains homemade bitters, so that would seem to set the benchmark.

Right now, I'm wondering if my homemade Grapefrucello is eligible, but I suspect it won't be. So, next step? I'm going shopping.

Posted on October 14, 2008 and filed under Mixology, Workshop.